A Selection of Illustration Work by Mike Stuart

I’ve been producing illustrations for e-learning since 2001. Since e-learning can be a rather dry experience, I’ve found that a loose cartoon style works well, when set against the hard edges of the e-learning interface.

E-learning illustrations for Xebec McGraw-Hill

I worked for 2 years at Xebec McGraw-Hill producing illustrations and  Flash animations, for large clients such as Lloyds TSB, the DTI and Coop Insurance. Here is small selection of that work:

E-learning illustrations for Single Parent Action Network

Shortly after Xebec closed, I built and illustrated 2 large Moodle e-learning projects for Single Parent Action Network (SPAN). These were aimed at the wider community, so it was important to reflect diversity in the illustrations:

E-learning illustrations for AVIS Europe

I returned to corporate e-learning, working on 2 long-term illustration projects for AVIS Europe:

Illustration for the online Gothic horror novel Welcome to Black Mountain

My most recent illustration project is something I’ve put my heart and soul into, because I’m able to combine everything I’ve learned from art, illustration, web design and marketing in one place, illustrating the online novel Welcome to Black Mountain by Peter Morgan. To view more, visit

Showcase of other illustration work

Coming from an arts background, I have always loved drawing, so I’ve done a lot of diverse illustration work over the years. Here is a wide selection to show the range of styles I can use: