Disphoria Design

Disphoria Design builds websites for small to medium local businesses, charities and community groups.

Our aim is to produce highly customised websites that work successfully as tools to sell products, enable bookings, to promote a brand or to share information.

At the heart of our work is a genuine deep love of design, a playful enjoyment of creative ideas and satisfaction in finding simple and elegant solutions to complex requirements.

Mike Stuart

Mike Stuart - Disphoria Design

Mike Stuart started Disphoria Design in 2004, when most websites were built in raw HTML… since then Disphoria Design moved on to designing Flash websites, then Joomla sites, until WordPress evolved from an early blogging application to become the flexible and user-friendly framework today, that powers 25% of the web.

Mike comes from an arts background, having studied studied BA in Fine Art at Goldsmith College, exhibiting for several years in Bristol and London, before working in graphic design and illustration.

He has worked as a storyboard artist and character designer for animation and advertising companies such as Aardman Animation and J Walter Thompson, then as an animator and cartoon illustrator for e-learning at Xebec McGraw-Hill.

He has taught Flash, Photoshop and Dreamweaver in Adult Education, which helped to inform his e-learning work.

Mike still works on illustration and e-learning projects, but Disphoria Design mostly works on websites for local sole-traders and small businesses.

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